Partnership Council
    The Council
  • Kolawole Bankole
    City of Portland
    Public Health Division
  • Nicole Breton
    Maine DHHS Rural Health
    and Primary Care
  • Judith Feinstein
    Maine Oral Health Coalition
  • Kalie Hess
    Maine Primary Care Association
  • Morgan Hynd
    The Bingham Program
  • Rachel King
    University of New England College of Dental Medicine
  • Dora Anne Mills
  • Christopher Pezzullo
  • Angela Westhoff
    Maine Dental Association
  • Carolyn Wollen
    Betterment Foundation

*Please note: Policy positions taken collectively by the Partnership do not represent official positions or views of the organizations that employ Partnership Council members.


The Sadie and Harry Davis Foundation has committed to provide multi-year operational funding to launch and develop the supporting 501c3 nonprofit, hire the Executive Director, and to help fund pilot strategies. Additional investments in the Partnership will be sought from a range of sources, including foundations, individual investors, and institutional grants and contracts both in state and nationally.

Executive Director
  • Becca Matusovich
  • becca@mainepcoh.org
  • 207-805-4243